March 29, 2017

Winners – Lifetime Achievement Award


Awarded to the individual who, in the opinion of the BPMA, has made a significant and consistent contribution the pump industry over the duration of their working career.


Brian Huxley

Brian Huxley is a qualified Training Officer, whose career started in the early 1960’s as a commercial apprentice with GLYNWED.  He went on to hold several training positions, before leaving the company in 1974 to become Group Training Officer for METCOM – a Federation of Mechanical and Engineering Trades.  He held that position until 1978 when he was promoted to Regional Manager.

From his humble beginnings at METCOM he progressed to Regional General Manager, then Assistant Director, then Director and eventually to take on the role of Managing Director.

In 1993, amongst his other roles within METCOM, Brian was also asked to take on a Trade Association which was at that time operating with a part time General Secretary and a part time Technical officer.  It was from there that our recipient began the restructuring of the BPMA.

As a Director of the BPMA, he has been responsible for introducing and creating many of the services that are available to members today, such as the Buyers Guide, Newsletters, BPMA Training and the World Pump Report.  In 1998 he insisted that the BPMA employed a full time Technical Director, to oversee and further develop that important aspect of the Association’s service offering.

Under his Directorship the BPMA became one of the first Trade Associations to have a website and to offer membership to suppliers of the industry, something that has been copied by many others since.  In 2009, in order to safeguard the interests of both members and staff, he instigated the BPMA’s transition to a limited company.

Over the years, he stabilised the finances and developed a healthy balance sheet, enabling the role of BPMA Director to be passed onto his successor, Steve Schofield, in 2013.

An accomplished diplomat, well known for his calm and measured approach, he is recognised throughout the UK and Europe as a true Ambassador for the UK Pump Industry.

In view of this outstanding dedication, Brian is a worthy winner of this year’s PIA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pump Industry Awards at Heythrop Park, Chipping Norton.

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