February 13, 2017

Finalists – Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects

Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects

Awarded for the most innovative pump project, installation or service introduced onto the market within the last 24 months.


Our 2017 Finalists

Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine Stations for clean fuels production, GE Oil & Gas

GE Oil & Gas delivered #23 API610 HP-BB5 Pumps (≤4,9MW) for the biggest Kuwait refinery, to produce environmentally friendly fuels meeting European/American stringent regulation about maximum limits of pollutants.

The Pumps stations are essentially designed to operate based on the GE hydraulic power recovery technology, through another Pump coupled as turbine reusing the process waste gases. These systems allow Customer to increase/innovate the plant production capacity/capability with an estimated energy saving up to 40 GWh/year (30% less).


Installation of Variable Speed Drives on Marchwood Power Station Main Cooling Water Pumps, Siemens

Marchwood Power Station is located near Southampton on the Solent estuary and in 2015, they contracted Siemens DF&PD to convert three mechanically throttled pump systems on the plant cooling water intake system to variable speed flow control.

Challenges included the removal of problematic step-down gearboxes, removal of pumps for overhaul and the physical location of high-rating power electronics in difficult physical environments. 


Improving performance of Minera Lomas Bayas’ Pumps through Circular Economy, Neptuno Pumps

Lomas Bayas Mining Co., in Chile, is one of the world’s lowest-grade copper operations and, in order to stay competitive, it needed to drastically improve its pumping system.

Under a circular economy approach, Neptuno Pumps remanufactured, redesigned and reused 100% of its pumps and motors and custom engineered an axial thrust bearing assembly reducing vibrations by 700%, improving reliability and availability by 600%, saving US$4.5M in 18 months with a payback period of 4.2 months.


AODD Pump used in Foam Concrete Application, Triark Pumps

By using an AODD pump at its heart, Triark developed a pneumatic ‘foam generator’ that was able to produce the same sort of foam that Celcon use in the factory production of its building blocks, but in a more liquid form to enable onsite mixing and pouring of lightweight foamed concrete to fill landfill sink holes.  Attached to the side of the cement mixer, allowing use of the on-board compressor and water tanks, appropriate volumes of water and foaming agent are drawn separately into the integral AODD Pump, which mixes them in the correct ratio to produce the pre-foaming solution.

This pre-foaming solution is then forced at high pressure through a lance, to produce foam which has a volume 20-25 times that of the pre-foamed solution. The foam is then mixed into the mortar slurry to make the lightweight foamed concrete, delivering significant weight and cost savings over traditional concrete pours.


Pump Industry Awards at Heythrop Park, Chipping Norton.

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