February 13, 2017

Finalists – Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects

Technical Innovation of the Year – Projects

Awarded for the most innovative pump project, installation or service introduced onto the market within the last 24 months.


Our 2018 Finalists

Danfoss Drives for its work on the Aarhus Water Project

Danfoss Drives’ has supplied 290 VSDs to the world’s first energy-neutral water and wastewater management system. The energy used for wastewater transport, water treatment and distribution in 2016 was 7.2 million kWh. The energy and heat produced by using gas from anaerobic sludge digestion over the same period was 7.4 million kWh, so the project now creates an energy surplus.


Indicators of high energy efficiency of centrifugal pumps operating with a variable load profile, Ru Well Systems Private Research Innovation Company

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is necessary to produce energy-efficient pumps and be able to use them economically. Manufacturers of pumps used in testing pumps evaluation methods and indices (EEI, PEI) that pump consumers can not apply in practice. The accepted standard ISO / ASME 14414 “Evaluation of the energy efficiency of the pumping system “does not provide a specific algorithm for performance testing application of pumps at the consumers. The purpose of the work is “Indicators of high energy efficiency of centrifugal pumps operating with a variable load profile” the methodology for calculating indicators energy efficient operations of one, or a group of pumps when the load varies in time. This methodology can be used by manufacturers and consumers of pumps.


Amphibious Pump Model Installed in Maringá /PR Brazil at SANEPAR, HIGRA Brasil

HIGRA produced R2-360 / 200B amphibious pumps for the largest sanitation company in Minas Gerais, Brazil, at the Cataguases unit. With HIGRA pumps today the unit presents a scenario with a 90% increase in flow, a 50% direct reduction in consumption, elimination of the burning of equipment caused by floods (due to the HIGRA amphibious system) and reduction of corrective maintenance, avoiding system that compromised water supply in the city.


Xylem Water Solutions Foss Barrier Project

Foss Barrier Pumping Station upgrade – The scheme increases the pumping capacity of the asset from 32M3/s to 52M3/s, with no civil modifications. The existing pump columns and discharge facility were re-used incorporating replacement Xylem PL7125 axial flow pumps having a significantly increased capacity. To fully utilise the increased capacity, Low Harmonic VSD’s have been incorporated that enhances the process efficiency and minimises energy use of the system.


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