February 13, 2017

Finalists – Technical Innovation of the Year – Products

Technical Innovation of the Year – Products

Awarded for the most innovative pump, pumping system or other pump related product, new or redeveloped, introduced onto the market within the last 24 months.

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Our 2018 Finalists

Aspen Pumps Max Hi-Flow Tank Pump

An evolution in condensate removal tank pumps, the innovative MAX Hi-Flow is the quietest on the market at 44 dB(A) and the only tank pump with IP24 rating. Suitable for installations from slimline AC cassettes up to AHUs, it offers tank pump capacity but in shallow profile. Multiple mounting clips, a built-in spirit level and plug & play connection make installation simple and a quick release reservoir allows simple in situ servicing; all with BMS or HVACR connectivity.


ETM Direct Drive Pump Motor

Expanding its proprietary motor design to the pump industry, ETM direct drive motors provide up to 8x more continuous torque, eliminating the need for a gearbox, and all its associated losses, cost and bulk. This results in a more cost-effective system that can be 60% lighter, 80% smaller, consumes less electricity and is more reliable. ETM provides a long-awaited, affordable motor solution for high torque, low speed positive displacement pumps, meeting demanding requirements without a gearbox.  


Flowserve IPS Node

The IPS Node is a reliable Industrial Internet of Things wireless device in a compact, intrinsically safe and cost effective package that is the fundamental building block to monitoring balance of plant process systems. Customers can now afford to remotely access continuous process information such as pressure, temperature, vibration, discrete and analog signals anywhere within an industrial process facility – resulting in increased equipment availability and mean time between repair.


Grundfos SCALA2

The Grundfos SCALA2 is a whole house water-boosting pump that delivers perfect water pressure to where it is needed. Launched in 2017 and WRAS approved, each unit is a fully integrated water booster pump that provides the ideal water pressure to up to 8 water outlets – even with multiple taps and showers running at the same time. These compact sets combine the pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve in one neat package.


Siemens IQ Motors

Siemens IQ Motors are supplied with a WiFi enabled Smart Box which can be used to remotely monitor various important parameters like Vibrations, Cooling, Energy Consumption and Loading.  With a connection to the Cloud and Data Analysis, any abnormal behaviour can be identified to reduce down times. Motors also have machine readable Data Matrix on the rating plate which can be read by smart phones using Siemens App. After scanning the matrix, customers can access useful product information e.g. manuals and documentation.


The Tapflo UK LEAP – Low Energy Air Pump

LEAP or Low Energy Air Pump is the first TRUE innovation in diaphragm pumps in the last 100 years, based mainly around increasing operating efficiency of air pump by upwards of 70%, while adding levels of control and safety unseen previously in the air pump world. The LEAP technology is the future of air pumping and is helping global organisations achieve energy targets.


Wilo UK Ceram-Teflon Coatings

Wilo metallurgists together with Teflon (Dupont), have successfully engineered a unique composite coating displaying the properties of both the CERAM-CT coating – (WRAS and KTW approved) and TEFLON – with its excellent non-stick characteristics used in domestic and industrial uses. The CERAM-Teflon outperforms non-coated and CERAM coated pumps in troublesome applications. With a significant reduction in Ochre deposits, pumps in the water management sphere can continue to perform in line with design characteristics for significantly longer.


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