February 13, 2017

Finalists – Technical Innovation of the Year – Products

Technical Innovation of the Year – Products

Awarded for the most innovative pump, pumping system or other pump related product, new or redeveloped, introduced onto the market within the last 24 months.

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Our 2017 Finalists

The ABB Smart Sensor

Smart Sensor is a game changer in that it brings remote, predictive maintenance to the entire installed population of low voltage electric motors used extensively in pumping applications.

The wireless, pocket-sized sensor attaches to the frame of any low voltage motor. Internal sensors collect vital data such as vibration and temperature and use it to reduce motor downtime by up to 70%, extend lifetime by as much as 30% and lower energy use by up to 10%.


Grundfos ALPHA3 System

The new ALPHA3 System can save hours of work by delivering hydronic balancing that can cut a customers’ heating bill by up to 17%. Balancing will take a couple of hours in an average home – which is a lot less than it would to do the old-fashioned way.

Moreover, this ALPHA3 System works for every part of a heating system - including underfloor heating - without compromising on reliability, efficiency and easy installation.


KSB UMA-S Submersible Motors

The UMA-S Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor from KSB can be used to drive our UPA submersible borehole pumps more efficiently.

The new motor offers higher efficiency in comparison with conventional asynchronous motor at full load, and even greater energy savings are achievable when operated at part load. This makes the UMA-S an attractive option for a type of pump that is often used in applications that require continuous running.


Siemens Drives Systems

Siemens’ synchronous reluctance systems (1LE1 platform of synchronous motors and G120 drives) offer the best energy efficiency for applications, both in the partial load range and at the rated operating point, achieving values which far exceed those required for IES2 classification. They possess high performance density and dynamic response, precise sensorless speed control and high overload capability for robust, reliable operation. For the upper output range, we offer a high performance drive system comprising a combination of Simotics FD motor and Sinamics G120P converter specifically for pump and fan applications. As well as ensuring high energy efficiency, this solution benefits from low noise emissions.


Sundyne HMD Kontro VapourView®

VapourView® is a revolutionary condition monitoring instrument that broadens the scope of sealless pump technology, extending its economic and environmental benefits to wider applications. Hazardous area certified, VapourView® can be applied where sensitivity to vapourisation is critical (e.g. hydrocarbon pumping).

Non-invasive, VapourView® provides a real time ‘window’ on the pumped medium, signalling any significant gas content in the liquid. Subsequent remedial system changes eliminate safety risk, maximise up-time and extend the life of capital equipment.


Xylem Flygt Concertor

Flygt Concertor is the world’s first submersible wastewater pump with integrated intelligence, power electronics and software scalable functionality. Concertor is an integration of innovative technologies, controlled by intuitive, self-learning and self-healing software that allows the pump to be seamlessly changed to perform in different applications in wastewater/ treatment pumping.

The intelligent wastewater pumping system will automatically deliver optimal pumping performance, trouble-free pumping, minimized energy usage and lower capital investment.


Pump Industry Awards at Heythrop Park, Chipping Norton.

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