February 13, 2017

Finalists – Environmental Contribution of the Year

Environmental Contribution of the Year

Awarded for the pump product, system or service, which has made a significant contribution to environmental issues, such as energy savings, emissions control, noise reduction or life cycle costs.


Our 2018 Finalists

Danfoss Drives for its contribution to Aarhus Water Project

Danfoss Drives’ has supplied 290 VSDs to the world’s first energy-neutral water and wastewater management system. The energy used for wastewater transport, water treatment and distribution in 2016 was 7.2 million kWh. The energy and heat produced by using gas from anaerobic sludge digestion over the same period was 7.4 million kWh, so the project now creates an energy surplus.


HIGRA Brasil’s Cataguases/MG Project

Sanepar, a Brazilian sanitation company, hired HIGRA to solve problems at the catchment station in Maringá, Paraná. With the flood of the River Pirapó the engines of the pumps burned, causing lack of water in the city. HIGRA has carried out the replacement of conventional pumps with amphibious technology pumps, as well as the elevation of the electric panels, which, even with a flood of the river, citizens will no longer be left without water.


Grundfos and Marriott Hotels improvements to their carbon footprint

A major hotel chain was targeting improvements to their carbon footprint and sought to achieve an extra 30% saving when Grundfos Pumps introduced them to their Energy Check.  This allowed them to look at each of their UK properties and get a report on the efficiency of their current pump base, via a comprehensive report showing the savings that could be achieved per hotel (equivalent to 24 UK homes annual use) by selecting efficient variants. 


Xylem Flygt 4320 Mixer

Flygt has raised the standard in high efficiency, low-speed, submersible mixers. Flygt’s 4320 revolutionary design couples a high efficiency mixer and state-of-the-art motor efficiency, with an integrated variable frequency drive. The result is a submersible mixer that delivers superior mixing with adjustability and simplicity, for unsurpassed energy savings. The 4320 allows you to adjust for today’s flows and loadings, quickly change to meet seasonal fluctuations, and be prepared for future increases – all without wasting energy.


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